Отель Vnukovo Village

Chat-bot Mrs. Sally
How to get to the place of the marathon?
Where to find companion?
What will I be entertained with?
Who are the DJ?
Who, in fact, will answer all my questions?

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How to reach location
One thing that may be stopping you from booking tickets right away may be a visa question.

First, here is a list of countries which have visa-free agreements with Russia. If you country is in these lists please be sure to check with Russian embassy if anything else except valid passport is required (i.e. health insurance, tourist voucher from hotel, extra photos for some documents).

Second, if you DO need a visa we will do our best to help you get it in the least expensive and time-consuming way possible.

To apply for visa you will need an invitation. We will help you to get it (appr. 10 €) or you can use travel agency.

With invitation you can apply directly to Russian Embassy.
So, overall price will be 60 € respectivly to prices in your country.

Paris - Moscow - Paris: 145 €

Rome - Moscow - Rome: 132 €

Warsaw - Moscow - Warsaw: 143 €

Berlin - Moscow - Berlin: 144 €

Budapest - Moscow - Budapest: 88 €

Amsterdam - Moscow - Amsterdam: 150 €

Istanbul - Moscow - Istanbul: 99 €

Belgrade - Moscow - Belgrade: 137 €

*prices have been taken from skyscanner.com on October 6
Getting there

We understand that you may be afraid of getting lost in such big city. That is why we will find a volunteer to meet you at the train station where shuttle from airport arrives. There would be multiple choices on reaching hotel after that:

a) you may be really lucky and a volunteer who will pick you up will have a car

b) it's only 5 min drive from metro station to the hotel and we will provide all guidelines
Hotel adress
village Kartmazovo, Kievskaya 4
GPS 54.960890, 37.460372
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