The main purpose of this event is to dance comfortably all weekend long. All the ingredients of a proper dancing space are there: parquet floors, enough chairs, tables and sofas, high-quality sound equipment.

Our format - all in on place - allows you not to waste time on tiring trips around the city and use your time with pleasure dancing, schmoozing, working out or simply doing nothing.

If you don't like winter, it's alright! Gentle embraces, hot tea and delicious cookies will be awaiting you on the dance floor, which will surely make you forget about snowdrifts outside. For winter lovers it's a wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend skating or skiing.

Join us at Flores de Invierno and invite your friends.

Ales' and his elves
Flores de Invierno 2017
sq.m. of dancefloor
hours of Golden Age music
© 2016 Flores de Invierno
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